A first version of an online platform for Den Ouden Groep as a central hub for the recruitment of new employees for their various divisions. With the first campaign that focuses on Paaspop 2019, potential employees are being brought into contact with the Working Bij Den Ouden platform for the first time.

Den Ouden - New Game Plus

Den Ouden Groep

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    Den Ouden Groep

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    UX/UI, Prototyping, Development

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    Pink Indigo

Brand recognition and recruitment


Den Ouden Groep needs more local brand awareness in order to better recruit potential employees. New Game Plus has been asked to develop a job platform where the entire recruitment process of Den Ouden can be supported. A first version of the platform must be ready for a campaign that focuses on Paaspop 2019, a festival that is located in Schijndel, just like Den Ouden Groep.

Den Ouden - New Game Plus

Working at Den Ouden


As a central hub for the Paaspop 2019 campaign and all future recruitment campaigns, a job platform must be developed that people can be referred to. The challenge is to build first version within a month where the campaign, Den Ouden Groep, its divisions and the various vacancies come together.

Den Ouden - New Game Plus

Automated campaigns

During the Paaspop 2019 campaign called "will you be our new face?", visitors can have their photo taken behind a Den Ouden Groep cut-out board. The following day these photos can be found on the website as an incentive to visit them. By integrating a dedicated Instagram account, photos are being automatically loaded into the website and the module can be reused for future campaigns.

Den Ouden - New Game Plus
Den Ouden - New Game Plus

Get to know Den Ouden Group and its divisions

Den Ouden Groep deals with everything that has to do with soil and nature. However, this is done under different divisions, each with their own focus and specialization. There often is confusion about what Den Ouden Groep does exactly and which divisions belong to it. Therefore it’s important that we inform visitors and can funnel them to a division that catches their interest.

Den Ouden - New Game Plus

Vacancies per division

Each division has a completely different set of vacancies that correlate with what the division does. The vacancies are subdivided under each division to ensure that it remains clear and manageable. For example, an online marketer looking for a job can quickly scroll past the explosives detection division.

Den Ouden - New Game Plus

Structured vacancies

Every vacancy is consistent and immediately provides you with important information. The name of the position, but also the division where you will work within, whether you will work full-time or part-time and where you will be located. You will be introduced to your contact person with the possibility to easily apply for the vacancy. Finally, more relevant vacancies are shown to you as a logical next step.

Den Ouden - New Game Plus