New Game Plus is a design + development studio from Tilburg. With our ‘changing the game’ philosophy we create innovative websites, online platforms and apps.

Nicky Lenaers & Matthijs Strien - New Game Plus

Let’s play


We’re proactive and love being presented with a challenge. To ensure a clear solution for every project we engage all of our projects with a few logical steps.

  1. Acquaintance

    It always starts with an orientational meeting without obligation. We want to get to know you and your organisation and prefer meeting at your location. We’re curious about your plans and ideas and want to explore them alongside you.

  2. Proposal

    We debrief all of your wishes and get back to you with a complete and thought out proposal. Once there’s common approval on the proposal we will send you a quotation and provide a scrum schedule that keeps the project manageable.

  3. Creation

    We design and prototype products for validation with you and your end user. Only until all assumptions are either confirmed or invalidated we start technical realisation with the latest technology. We keep you up to date throughout our sprints.

  4. Delivery

    We subject our products to all possible tests for the latest standards. Once we’re confident everything stands rock solid and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, we deliver your website, online platform or app.

  5. Partnership

    Is the love a two-way street? Then we continue to grow and develop with your organization. We measure and analyze results. We stay involved and proactively advise you when new opportunities lie ahead.

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The playground


New Game Plus resides in the heart of Tilburg. Together with a collective of digital specialists of various disciplines we form the mediapark.

The players


Founded by Nicky Lenaers and Matthijs Strien to design and develop game changing digital products.

Nicky Lenaers - New Game Plus

Nicky Lenaers

Founder / Developer

Matthijs Strien - New Game Plus

Matthijs Strien

Founder / Designer

Faceplant - New Game Plus


Photosynthesis / Photogenic